Tiger Invite!!!: T-Minus...

Wednesday, April 24 2013 - WWS Tiger Invitational

As I am sitting here (@ 9:06) Wednesday morning and ALL I can think about is what is coming up this Friday.  Nineteen teams, mostly 3A schools, will be converging upon Red Grange Field at Wheaton Warrenville South High School for the Tiger Invitational, arguably the most competitive girls track meet of the regular outdoor track season.  At Monday's meet, I heard from all the coaches and many of the varsity athletes essentially stating the same connotation: "I can’t wait to face some competition.”  I do not mean to discount the competitors we have faced, but the teams we’ve competed against during this outdoor season had maybe one or two standout track athletes.  On Friday, at “Mini-State”, each event will be chalked full of top-tier athletes from the best schools in the western suburbs.  The entire coaching staff knows that you are all chomping at the bit to compete against the best.  Well, the opportunity is staring you down.  First and foremost, I firmly believe we have a coaching staff with extremely knowledgeable and experienced coaches, so listen to their advice on how to approach practice and compete during your particular events.  Secondly, you’ve been through the physical grind of long practice weeks, so you are physically prepared, but are you mentally prepared?  Are you confident that you can compete with and beat the best?  Coach Webb posted a wonderfully reflective entry about the Boston Marathon Bombings.  I HIGHLY recommend that you read it.  What I got out of that entry was that there are times to step back and reflect about where you have been and where you are going.  Also, from Coach Webb’s entry I began to reflect on this question for the team:  “What are you going to do with the opportunities you have left?”  Do not let an opportunity go to waste.  Do not put yourself in a situation to have regrets.  Prepare smarter.  Listen to your coaches.  Have confidence in yourself and your teammates that you can compete with and beat the best.  Put this in perspective:  (Not including the state meet) Some of you only have 7 practices left (including Saturday’s) and 2 track meets left.  Time is flying by, but how will you prepare to achieve your goals and the team’s goals with the time you have left this season? 




Coach Crissey