Minooka Flight Invitational


- Channahon, IL -- Channahon Community Park

BUS TIME 6:30am!


42nd Annual Minooka Flight Invitational
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Community Park • Channahon Park District • Channahon, IL

Meet Website: www.runminooka.com and click on the flight invite logo.

Time/Place: 8:30 a.m. (F/S BOYS RACE)
                  8:35 a.m. (F/S GIRLS RACE)

Teams: Andrew (Box 5) Batavia (Box 7) Conant (Boys) (Box 14) DG North (Boys) (Box 4) DG South (Girls) (Box 14) Hoffman Estates (Box 11) Lemont (Box 9) LincolnWay Central (Box 8) Lockport Boys (Box 20) Lyons Twp. (Box 2)
Minooka (Box 6) Maine South (Boys) (Box 19) Moline (Box 15) Plainfield North (Box 3) Plainfield Central (Boys) (Box 16) Rock Island (Box 13 ) Waubonsie Valley (Boys) (Box 1) Willowbrook (Box 12)  Yorkville (Box 17) Whitney Young (Box 18)

Entries: F/S Races – Limited to 7 runners per team
Varsity Boys Flight Races – 1 Runner Per Flight
Varsity Girls Flight Races – 1 Runner Per Flight
Open Races (Boys & Girls) – Unlimited Entries
The 7th flight is for your number 7 runner on down to the 1 st flight for your top runner. If a team does not have 7 runners, then you must fill in the flights starting with the 1st flight.

Meet Schedule : F/S Boys Race – 8:30 a.m.
F/S Girls Race – 8:35 a.m.
The boys and girls will start their flight races at the same time. We will start with the 7 th
flight and then proceed down to the 1st or “Championship” Flight.
7th Flight Boys/Girls – 9:15 a.m .
6th Flight will start once the last runner from the 7th crosses the mile marker.
5th Flight will start once all the runners from the 6th flight finish.
4th Flight will start once the last runner from the 5th crosses the mile marker.
3rd Flight will start once all the runners from the 4th flight finish.
2nd Flight will start once the last runner from the 3rd crosses the mile marker.
1st (Championship Flight) will be run at the completion of the 2nd flight.

Open Races – Boys will start after the completion of the 1st flight.
Girls will start 25:00 after the Boys Open has started.

Awards: Varsity Boys/Girls Medals to the top 5 in flights 7 through 2 & top 10 in the 1 st Flight Team plaque to the top 3 teams Awards
will be presented after the open races have finished F/S Boys/Girls & Open Boys/Girls Top 25 individual ribbons – put in packets

The top two F/S & open teams will receive a plaque A champion TShirt will be awarded to the winners of each race

Bus Parking: Team buses may drop off in the park area, and then park behind the
maintenance building, which is east of the park.

Concessions : A concession stand will be available selling coffee, doughnuts, candy, pop, juice, fruit, etc.
Hospitality: A hospitality room will be available for all coaches near the concession building.

TShirts will be available at a cost of $12.00 per shirt. Logos are attached.