Racine Horlick Invitational


University of Wisconsin–Parkside - Kenosha, WI -- Wayne E. Dannehl National Cross Country Course

ADMISSION: The admission fee per spectator is $3.00 for 17 & Under and $6.00 for Adults (18+). When a spectator leaves the facility, they will not be allowed to re-enter the site. No drones or dogs are allowed at the race site on meet day.



V Girls 4000m                                              unlimited entries        9:05am

Freshman Girls 4000m(Run with JV)         unlimited  entries         9:05am

Freshman Boys 4000m                                unlimited entries         10:00am

Varsity Girls 5000m                                      run 10                         10:35am

Varsity Boys 5000m                                        run 8                         11:20am

JV Boys 5000m                                            unlimited entries         11:50am

Open 4K                                          NO OPEN RACE THIS YEAR

COURSE: The 5K course is the UW-Parkside JR 5000 meter high school course. The 4K course is basically the first 4K  of the UWP JR 5K course.  Restricted areas will be roped off, coned or marked with signage. Course maps are attached. Please remember that is prohibited to mark the course in any manner, including paint, streamers, signage, etc. A digital display clock will provide the countdown for each race and one will provide splits at the 1, 2 & 3 mile marks. Once the first race of the day race has started, warm-ups on the course are limited to following the race in progress. Teams may not warm-up randomly on the course during the race in progress.

 SITE PROCEDURES: Teams (participants, alternates, coaches, trainers and managers) must enter the meet site together. When an athlete leaves the facility, they will not be allowed to re-enter the site.  TENTS & GROUND TARPS are allowed. 

PARKING: All busses, team vehicles & spectators should come in on Highway E and then turn left onto HY JR to access  the UW- Parkside Physical  Education or Communication Arts parking lots located off of Hwy JR east of the course. There is no participant drop off on Highway JR. No parking allowed in any of the Petrifying Springs parking lots - this includes  teams, coaches and spectators. Handicap Parking (with Permit) is allowed in the lot immediately north of the course on  HY JR.

UW-PARKSIDE: The UW-Parkside PE Building is off limits to our group. 

PETRIFYING SPRINGS PARK: UW-Parkside has added additional port-a-lets to the race site for 2023.Please utilize those located at the course rather than the ones at Pets. We also request that all warmups are conducted on the UWP course. NO team camps are allowed in Petrifying Springs. Teams must set-up camp in the designated area.